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Potentially Non-Chargeable Visits

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Medical Service Accounts

The situations described below may not be chargeable to you. If you feel that the purpose of your visit is one as described below, please contact UBO within 3-14 days after your visit so that we may reverse your charges. If you mistakenly receive a bill, please contact us immediately.


Under the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP), if you are a DoD-Employee or a Family Member of a DoD-Employee, then treatment or counseling for substance abuse is provided at no cost.

American Red Cross Employees

If you are a Full-Time American Red Cross Employee then your and your family member's outpatient visits may not be chargeable and your inpatient stays are charged at a minimum Subsistence or Family Member Rate.

Confidential Teen Visit

Confidential Teen Visits are not chargeable. Please inform the billing office immediately if you have a visit was designated as confidential so that we may investigate and reverse any associating charges.

Family Advocacy Program Visits

Certain sensitive counseling sessions are non-chargeable.

Flu Shot

In the interest of the community, flu shots are offered at no cost.

Occupational & Community Health Visits

Occupational Health visits are ones that are required by your employer as a condition of your employment. You are not charged for these services. Community Health issues are ones that deemed to be in the best interest of the public that you receive treatment for such as STDs, prophylactic treatment for positive TB-Tine tests, etc.

Office of the Worker's Compensation Program

If you are injured on your job, please let your provider know at the time of your visit and for any subsequent visits that are related to your injury. Be prepared to provide the Date of Injury, Place (State/Country) of Injury and the Nature (Motor Vehicle Accident, Slip & Fall, etc). DoD Employees must submit to eUBO a completed and signed copy of CA Form 16. AAFES and NAF Employees will complete Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers Compensation Act forms. U S Contractors are financially responsible for services rendered and should seek reimbursement from their employer.

Pre- & Post-Deployment Physicals

Non-Chargeable. Please submit a copy of your orders.

Pre-Employment Physicals

DoD and NAF Employees are not charged for any mandated pre-employment physicals. Please submit a copy of the "Request for Physical" from your Civilian Personnel Action Center (CPAC).

Reserve or National Guard Related Visits

If you are a Reserve or National Guard Member who is also a DoD or other Federal Agency Civilian employee, read information regarding your health care benefits and billing.

School & Sports Physicals

Physicals for School and Organized School Sports are offered to the community during a certain time every year; usually at the beginning of the school year. Please look for the advertised dates at your child's school.

State Department Employees

The State Department requires physicals for your and your family members when moving to and from Europe. Please forward a copy of your authorization letter along with billing instructions to eUBO so that we may bill the State Department for these services. All other non-State Department related visits are chargeable to you.

Veteran's Administration Beneficiary

We are a not VA facility, but we can bill the VA on your behalf for any service connected disability. In order to participate in our VA Program, you must be registered with the VA Foreign Medical Program in Denver, Colorado. Go to the VA FMP Site.