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Medical Service Accounts

Civilian Emergencies

A Civilian Emergency is defined as a visit by a patient who is not authorized treatment at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF). Patients treated as Civilian Emergencies are treated on a reimbursable basis. If you are need of medical attention and seek treatment in one of our Emergency Rooms or Urgent Care Clinics, please submit the following information to the medical clerk (if you have already been treated, please call our office at 0800-9050-9050):

  • Valid Identification Card (preferably state-issued driver's license if you are a US citizen or other equivalent)*
  • Proof of Social Security Number if not stated on ID Card
  • Insurance information if you'd like us to file your claim (you must be a US citizen)**
  • Valid Address where charges for services will be submitted
  • Contact Number
  • Name and contact number of authorized DoD personnel you are visiting, if applicable

** If the patient is a minor, then the information must be obtained on the parent or guardian.
** Any balances not paid by your insurance carrier will be charged to you and must be paid no later than 30 days of billing.

Examples of a Civilian Emergency

  • Visiting Friends and/or Relatives
  • Host Nation Patient

Newborn of Sponsor's Daughter

A baby born to the dependent daughter of a Sponsor is not entitled to medical care at our MTFs. The Secretary of the Army Designee Status Program was developed to temporarily assist patients who have a serious medical condition and require Continuity of Care when their military-related benefits are about to cease suddenly (divorce, sponsor chaptered out, etc.) and can be extended to the newborn of a dependent daughter. Because of your overseas status and the inability of your daughter to obtain state funded assistance, Secretary of the Army (SA) can be granted by request.

SA Designee Status must be applied for through the Deputy Chief, Patient Administration Division (PAD) at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) 486-8114. The approval process can be lengthy so do not delay requesting status if you need it; the applicatioin process is recommended to be started before the birth of the baby.

If you are granted SA Designee Status your grandchild will be entitled to be seen as a family member at any Army MTF in Europe. With Family Member status, the cost for care would be equal to the cost of other family members in your category (Active Duty Family Member, Retired Family Member, DoD Civilian Family Member, etc).

TRICARE benefits are not authorized; therefore any visits to a civilian provider will not be paid by TRICARE.

If you decide not to request Secretary of the Army Designee Status or if it has been denied, any medical and/or dental service rendered will be charged at the full reimbursable rate.

Foreign Military

Active Duty Foreign Military and Family Members (except host nation) are entitled to be seen based on the stipulations of Memorandum of Agreement held between your country and the US. Please refer to your agreement for more information.