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Regional Health Command Europe (RHCE) Uniform Business Office (UBO) is a consolidated Medical Billing Office. We bill patients and insurance companies for medical and dental services provided in any of our Army Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) throughout Europe. We manage three collection programs.

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Where do we service?

What do we do?

You are responsible for the entire balance of your medical bill; however, as a courtesy we can file your claim with your insurance carrier, and bill the sponsor for any unpaid balances. We do this using the information that you have on file with the Patient Administration Division (PAD) using DD Form 2569.

How Can You Help?

  • Keep us informed of any demographic changes. E.g. Address and phone number.
  • Fill out Form DD2569 with the PAD (Patient Administration Division) office, or your MTF once per year, or whenever your insurance changes, to ensure that valid insurance information is on file, and we can correctly bill for your encounters.
  • Keep the PAD informed of changes in your insurance information. E.g. Policy number.
  • If you have encounters related to your employment with the DOD (Department of Defense), such as pre-employment physicals, immunizations, travel orders, or Workman’s Comp. please notify us promptly so that we may bill or exclude charges accordingly.
  • Immediately follow up with us for any questionable charges, your clinic for any questionable services, and your insurance company for any rejected claims. Inform us of a potentially non-chargeable visit as soon as possible
  • Play an active role in your financial obligation to the DOD. Pay your bills promptly. Invoices mailed to you are due within 30 days of billing.
  • Retain all documents you receive from us, and EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) from your insurance company.
  • Follow up with your insurance company within 120 days from your visit to ensure that your claim was received.

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