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Mission: Provide comprehensive veterinary service support to Department of Defense installations, forces, and missions in the European Command and African Command area of operations.

Vision: Provide world-class, effective, efficient, and dedicated veterinary support to food safety and defense operations, Military Working Dogs, community animal health, and zoonotic disease control across the full spectrum of military operations.


Registering your pet when you arrive: Please fill out the PHCE Pet Registration Form and bring it with any veterinary treatment records to your local military Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF). All patients must be registered, and local garrison regulations require pet registration for on-post residents and some off-post locations. Most VTFs will not accept emailed records or registration forms. For your comvenience, our Remote Online Veterinary Record (ROVR) maintains patient info from military VTFs worldwide and civilian veterinary records can be added to your petís ROVR record.

Dangerous Breed Information: Many countries in Europe ban the importation of certain breeds of dogs. Specific breeds affected vary among countries. Before you PCS, consult the VTF serving your future location of assignment for the most current regulations.

Programs: The Animal Health Program addresses animal health issues that impact human health, provides primary care for all government-owned animals in Europe, and routine care for the pets of service members.

The Food Protection Program provides food safety and food defense services for Department of Defense personnel in Europe.

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Contact Information


PHC-Europe Veterinary Services

Email Address (animal medicine):
Email Address (food protection):


06371-86-8956; (+49) 6371-86-8956 (outside Germany)



Mailing Address:

US Army Public Health Command Europe Veterinary Services
CMR 402
APO AE 09180

Veterinary Branches and Sections:

Public Health Activity-Rheinland-Pfalz
Pulaski Barracks
5th Avenue, Geb. 2928
67661 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Phone: (011) 49-631-3406-4340
DSN: 314-493-4340

Ansbach/Katterbach Branch Veterinary Services
Katterbach Kaserne
BLDG 9003
91522 Ansbach, Germany
Phone: (011) 49-9802-83-3179
DSN: 314-467-3179

Belgium Branch Veterinary Services
Grand Rue 8, BLDG 10
7950 Chièvres, Belgium
DSN 314-361-5435 or comm +32 68 27 5435

Hohenfels Branch Veterinary Services
Camp Linderburg
Linderburg Str., BLDG 746, Rm 2
92366 Hohenfels, Germany
Phone: (011) 49-631-3406-4444
DSN: 314-493-4444

Rheinland-Pfalz Veterinary Services/Veterinary Medical Center Europe
Pulaski Barracks
5th Avenue, BLDG 2928
67661 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Phone: 0631-3406-444
DSN: 314-493-4444
KMC Veterinary Services Welcome Packet

Stuttgart Branch Veterinary Services
Panzer Kaserne
BLDG 2996A
71032 Böblingen, Germany
Phone: (011) 49-7031-15-2681
DSN: 314-431-2681

Spangdahlem Branch Veterinary Services
BLDG 559
54529 Spangdahlem, Germany
Phone: (011) 49-656-561-9388
DSN: 314-452-9388

Vilseck Branch Veterinary Services
Rose Barracks
Arty Str. 517, BLDG 222
92249 Vilseck, Germany
Phone: (011) 49-966-283-2370
DSN: 314-476-2370

Wiesbaden Branch Veterinary Services
Airfield Wurgel Str., BLDG 1038
65205 Wiesbaden, Germany
Phone: (011) 49-611-705-6333
DSN: 314-337-6333

Public Health Activity-Italy
Unit 31403, Box 54
APO AE 09630
Phone: (011) 39-0444-71-6679
DSN: 314-634-6679

Aviano Branch 31st SVS/SVBV
Via Aeroporto, BLDG 1410
33081 Aviano, Italy
Phone: (011) 39-0434-30-8401
DSN: 314-632-8401

Incirlik Branch Veterinary Services 39th TAC, Hosp/SGV
BLDG 912
09824, Turkey
Phone: (011) 0090322-316-3258
DSN: 314-676-3258

Naples Branch Veterinary Services
BLDG 2088
81030 Gricignano D’Aversa, Italy
Phone: (011) 39-081-811-7919
DSN: 314-629-7919

Rota Branch Veterinary Services
BLDG 1863
11520 Cadiz, Spain
Phone: (011) 34-056-82-2415
DSN: 314-727-2415

Sigonella Branch Veterinary Services
PSC 819, Box 2690
FPO AE 09627-0824
95030 Catania, Italy

United Kingdom Branch Veterinary Services
IP26-4HA, Thetford, UK
Phone: (011) 44-016-385-27322
DSN: 314-226-7322

Vicenza Branch Veterinary Services
U.S. Army Health Clinic (back of building, across jump towers)
Caserma Ederle
36100 Vicenza, Italy
Phone: (011) 39-0444-71-4832
DSN: 314-634-4832