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DSN:  314-590-2073
Comm:  49-(0)6371-9464-2113

Motorcycle Safety

Table I-1 Road-Condition Status Characteristics
Road Condition Road Surface Snow Ice Snow Depth Visibility Temperature
Green Dry None or Blowing Powder None None More than 50 meters Above 35F (+2C)
Amber Wet *Packed *Slush *Patches *Black Ice *Slush *Less than 4 inches *Between 20 and 50 meters Between 30F (-1C) and 35F (+2C)
Red *Flooded *Drifting *Sheet Ice *Between 4 and 8 inches *Between 15 and 20 meters Between 10F (-12C) and 30F (-1C)
Black *Heavily Flooded *Heavily Drifting *Extreme sheet ice *More than 8 inches *Less than 15 meters Less than 10F (-12C)
*When one or more of the road conditions marked with an asterisk are noted, the corresponding road condition status must be declared.

Safety Checklists


  • Serves as the principal safety and occupational health advisor and consultant to the RHCE Commander, staff, and subordinate medical units within the RHCE.  Ensures compliance on the implementation of the Army Safety Program and Safety and Environment of Care standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO).
  • Maintains Safety and Environment of Care program management oversight of the subordinate medical units within the RHCE.
  • Serves as the Career Program Advisor to Safety Specialists and Managers within the European Regional Medical Command.  Assists in the training and professional development of safety careerists within the RHCE.
  • Develops safety and health directives and guidance for the RHCE on Army Safety policy and areas pertinent to the JCAHO Environment of Care.
  • Conducts surveys and assistance visits of RHCE activities to evaluate their Safety and EC management programs and recommend opportunities for improvement.
  • Participates in the ongoing organization-wide collection of information about deficiencies and opportunities for improvement in Safety and other management programs related to the Environment of Care.
  • Assists supervisors and commanders with the investigation of accidents/incidents.
  • Determines and analyzes accident trends, problem areas, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Monitors the implementation of Safety and Environment of Care training programs and participates therein, as appropriate.
  • Authorized to intervene whenever safety hazards or unsafe work practices are detected that pose an immediate threat to life or health and/or pose a threat of damage to equipment, buildings, and other property.