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COVID-19 Risk Reduction and Response

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Regional Health Command Europe COVID-19 Information 

Please review very important information regarding operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can get information on specific clinics and departments below.

Entry Points and Designated Parking for Patients

No Change.

Entry Points and Designated Parking for Staff

No Change.

Initial Screening

Patients will be screened upon entering the base and upon scheduling of appointment. Patients approved for entrance are redirected to the screening location. Entrance is in the rear of the building.   

COVID-19 Screening Tent

Located in the rear of the building. There are overflow areas outside and to the side of the clinic. COVID related questions can be referred to our COVID hotline at 590-1311.

Clinic/Department Information

Primary Care
Changes to hours of operation: No Change

Changes to appointments: Face to Face for acute care only.  Routine care will be rescheduled to a later date.  Virtual visits will be used as appropriate if provider decides that a concern can be addressed by telephone.

Changes to service capabilities: Currently none

Limitation on visitors: Central appointments will book acute patients per Landstuhl Regional Medical Center guidance.  As needed, patients will be directed to the COVID area

Specialty Care (PT, OPT, and BH)

Changes to appointments: All routine appointments will be scheduled for a later date. Acute appointments (Pink Eye, Post-Op, and Patients in MH distress) will be seen as walk-in acute appointments.  Patients are also being managed via Provider to Patient T-con when possible.

Changes to service capabilities: None

Limitation on visitors: As needed, patients will be directed to the COVID area in clinic (URI symptoms plus or minus fever.)