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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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Regional Health Command Europe is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and diligently working with U.S. military and host nation officials. The health and well-being of all personnel is paramount. Please use this webpage as a source of information, but visit your Medical Treatment Facility's page below for specific information about your community.


As of 27 May

Q: As the military communities and host nation open programs and services, will Army healthcare facilities also increase medical services?

Army clinics are slowly increasing medical services while continuing to assess the risk to patients and staff. This may include some face to face encounters for not only acute and emergent medical care but some chronic care. Virtual care (either telephonically or by phone video) will continue to be leveraged as one of many ongoing precautionary measures to continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Medical readiness measures for active duty service members will expand to include not only virtual PHAs but some face to face PHAs when necessary. We encourage all active duty service members take action to ensure they are medically ready to deploy; in part by completing their PHA if overdue, or if slated to be due in the next 90 days.

Q: Are Army clinics seeing routine appointments in person?

While most routine appointments are still being deferred to a later date, some face-to-face encounters will offered on a case-by-case basis after carefully assessing COVID-19 risk for the patient and staff. For those with chronic medical conditions, the health clinic will contact those who need to be seen in person. Regardless, patients are encouraged to send a secure message to their PCMs via the Patient Portal at www.tricareonline.com, or contact the Appointment line to schedule a telephone consult with a nurse to discuss their particular needs. Some examples of visits which may be considered for a face-to-face encounter include: Periodic Health Assessments required for overdue/short suspense military medical readiness requirements, well-child exams, those with chronic medical conditions requiring follow up, and those that cannot wait for deferment as determined by a patient’s primary care provider. Certain routine chronic health conditions may continue to be managed via Virtual Health. Your primary care team can assist you in booking those appointments.

Q: I was supposed to have surgery (or a procedure) before the lockdown. Will I be rescheduled soon?

Patients who had scheduled surgeries or procedures that were deferred to a later date due to current COVID operations will be contacted by their surgical team in the event the surgery/procedure can be rescheduled soon. All surgeries/procedures that have been deferred to a later date are constantly being assessed to determine which cases can be managed based on resources, staffing and safety for patients and staff.

Q: Do patients still need to wear a face covering when visiting an MTF?

Yes. All patients six and over are required to wear a face covering at all times when visiting an RHCE Medical or Dental Treatment Facility.

Q: Are COVID-19 Screening Clinics still open, and what is the current testing criteria?

Yes, all Army COVID-19 Screening Clinics continue to operate. The LRMC Screening Clinic is open Sunday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., all other Screening Clinics at Army MTFs in Europe are open during normal business hours. Testing has been expanded to those patients who display two or more of the following symptoms: fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, cough, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain/aches, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, and contact with a confirmed COVID positive case.

Q: When will Army MTFs resume normal operations?

Regional Health Command Europe MTFs will slowly and systematically restore routine operations in accordance with the CDC, DOD and Host Nation guidance, and in partnership with SROs and garrison commanders. While we are unable to assign a specific timeline to the restoration of all services, we will ensure that certain factors (e.g. local disease rates, MTF and host nation capabilities) are assessed before increasing the number of staff and patients within the MTFs. U.S. Army Europe garrisons and units will trail host nations decisions by a recommended 14 days in order to prevent the spread of the virus, when reducing or relaxing restrictions or health protection protocols.

Q: Are Space-Available appointments possible for non-empaneled/non-TRICARE patients?

At this time, non-TRICARE Prime beneficiaries are only eligible for COVID-19 related care (screening, testing, in-patient treatment). Military Retirees on TRICARE Select who are not enrolled to a LRMC primary care clinic may be eligible for certain specialty care services on a space-available basis.

Q: Are medical evaluations for EFMP screenings being offered yet?

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) offices continue to conduct Family Member Travel Screenings (FMTS) and enrollments at all MTFs. The process begins by contacting your Local EFMP Case Coordinator. The EFMP mission is primarily being completed via telework, so some delays are possible. Please contact them by phone or email so they can assist you in getting the FMTS started and serve as a POC throughout the screening process.

Q: What restrictions will be in place when medical services do come back online and resume?

Each clinic will continue to have limited entry points. Clinics will gradually increase the amount of seating available as safety parameters indicate we can do so without increasing risk to patients and staff. There will be a continued focus on physical distancing, hand sanitizer use/hand washing, and the use of face coverings in every clinic.

Q: Will dental services for Active Duty resume?

Army Dental Clinics are conducting readiness exams for Soldiers deploying or going to the field and continue to see only emergency cases. We do not have an exact time frame for the reopening of routine dental services. Army Dental Clinics will slowly and systematically restore routine operations in accordance with the CDC, DOD and Host Nation guidance, and in partnership with SROs and garrison commanders.

Medical Treatment Facilities

If your MTF isn't linked below, we are still gathering the most current guidance and will get it listed as soon as possible. Check back here for updates.