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Your Guide to Host Nation Health Care


Our Services for You

You can make an appointment at the U.S. Army Health Center Wiesbaden at www.tricareonline.com or by calling Central Appointments at DSN 337-6339/6320 or civilian 0611.705.6339/6320. If an appointment is not readily available or if you need specialty care not provided by the health center, you may be referred to a host nation provider.

TRICARE Prime Access Standards

It is extremely important that all Active Duty military and their command-sponsored Family Members enroll in TRICARE Prime at their servicing medical treatment facility. Enrollment can be accomplished either at in-processing or the MTF TRICARE Service Center. One significant benefit to Prime enrollment is the access to care standards that assure you receive timely, quality care. If timely care is unavailable at the U.S. Army Health Clinic Wiesbaden, you may be referred to another MTF or to a Host Nation provider or hospital. A Health Care Finder at the local TRICARE Service Center will then help you locate a provider within the Preferred Provider Network.

Important: Except for emergencies involving the immediate threat of loss of life, limb or eyesight, all off-post care you receive must be authorized by TRICARE first. Although authorization will come from International SOS beginning Sept. 1, 2010, in most cases you will work with your TRICARE Service Center to make your appointments.

Active duty military and their family members will be scheduled for appointments in accordance with these standards:

Appointment Type:

Required Within:


24 hours


7 calendar days


28 calendar days


28 calendar days

Non-TRICARE Prime beneficiaries, including military retirees, DoD civilian employees and eligible third-party payees may be seen at a Military Treatment Facility on a space-available basis. They should check appointment schedules regularly. To assure continuity of care, it is recommended that military retirees and third-party payees establish a relationship with a Host Nation provider. At the end of your care,your results will be translated into English and added to your permanent electronic medical treatment record.