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Your Guide to Host Nation Health Care


Letter from the LRMC Commander

An assignment in Europe allows you the opportunity and excitement of learning and experiencing new cultures. Part of that experience may include receiving healthcare from a Host Nation medical provider - if the treatment you need is not available at your U.S. Military Treatment Facility.

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) maintains robust specialty care medical services and will continue to be a priority for our Active Duty and Family Members. It is important to note that when your medical needs are provided for by our Host Nation medical partners, the care delivered by our Belgian, German and Italian medical counterparts is also outstanding.

Your local TRICARE Service Center stands ready to facilitate your visit as part of a comprehensive system that is in place to guide you through the medical care process.

The Guide to Host Nation Healthcare is designed to answer frequently asked questions about Host Nation Healthcare treatment in your local area to include: how to schedule appointments, how to get to the clinic or hospital, and what to expect upon arrival.

This guide should cover all aspects of host nation medical treatment. If you feel something is missing or needs correction, please let us know. The mantra of LRMC is one of quality through continual process improvement and provider-patient collaboration and communication. Sharing your thoughts and suggestions is encouraged and will help us serve you better. Selfless service!

LRMC Commander
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center