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Klinikum St. Marien Amberg


GPS Address
Mariahilfbergweg 7,
92224 Amberg

Postfach 2153,
92211 Amberg

Phone Number

Web site

Klinikum St. Marien Amberg is newly renovated and is one of the most modern and technologically advanced hospitals in Bavaria. The klinikum is a major medical cen-ter with approximately 800 beds and 12 major departments, including:
Internal medicine
Intensive care unit
Radiation therapy
Trauma surgery
General surgery
Vascular surgery
Nuclear medicine

The hospital also has a Neo-natal / Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Emergency Services
Amberg Klinikum has a 24-hour fully staffed emergency room located on the ground floor of the hospital. Enter through the main entrance. Not all personnel can, or should be expected to speak English. Many of the staff can understand some Eng-lish so if you speak slowly and avoid slang you will generally be understood. At the desk, explain why you are there, and you will be asked to complete insurance forms and have a copy made of your ID card. If no exam rooms are free you may be asked to sit outside the waiting area. Please remember, like any emergency room, patients are seen according to medical priority and availability of appropriate physician.

It is important to understand that the emergency room does not operate like an American emergency room. The Klinikum is an inpatient facility, and, unlike an American emergency room that may complete tests on an outpatient basis, many conditions/illnesses will require hospitalization to complete diagnostic testing. The exception may be some minor illnesses and injuries.

Not all specialty-physicians work directly in the emergency room and the duty physician may have to be called own from the ware or you may be sent to the ward to be seen. There are a few specialties that are not available at the Klinikum and when presenting with symptoms related to these problems you may be referred to the outpatient physician on call or, if necessary, to another hospital. Those specialty areas include:

  • Neurosurgery: referral to Bezirkskrankenhaus or Klinikum in Regensburg.
  • Psychiatry: referral to Bezirkskrankenhaus, Regensburg.
  • Ophthalmology: referral to outpatient physician or Regensburg University Augenklinik.
  • Adult ENT: referral to outpatient physician.


For admission during regular duty hours, report to the Patientenaufnahme (Patient Admissions), across from the cafeteria. You will be expected to fill out an insurance claim form, signed by the parent or guardian. A copy of the patient’s ID card will be made to verify eligibility and will be attached to the claim form. For children under 10 without an ID card, use the parent’s ID card information.

Physicians The physicians usually have nametags and wear white lab coats. You will find that many physicians speak English. If the Stationarzt (ward doctor) does not offer infor-mation about your test results, care plan or progress, it is your responsibility to ask questions. Your Host Nation Patient Liaison can help.

Your day-to-day care will be by the Stationarzt with occasional visits from the Ober-arzt (senior doctor) and possibly the Chefarzt (department head). In addition, there may be interns accompanying the doctors because the Klinikum is a teaching hospi-tal in connection with the Erlangen University Hospital.

Physician rounds are generally made in the morning to review and discuss your progress and care plan. You should remain in your room until rounds are completed. If tests are schedule for during the day, remain in your room until called for the test. If you do leave the room, notify the nurse you are leaving and where you are going. At midday there are meeting with the Oberarzt each day to discuss the patients, their care plans, and necessary changes. The Stationarzt will generally be on the wards again in the afternoon between 1400 and 1600 to review the day’s progress and test results and make care plan changes as necessary. They will not generally visit you again at that time. If you feel you do not understand the medications, care plan, etc, or that the Stationarzt does not understand your questions, ask for the Host Nation Patient Liaison to be called to assist.

Your Stationarzt is normally on duty from 0700-1600. After that time there will be a Dienst Arzt (duty doctor) available for emergencies. Release must be discussed with your Stationarzt, the Dienarzt, as a rule, and will not change the care plan of the Stationarzt.

Nursing Staff
The Shwester (female nurse) or Pfleger (male nurse) also have name-tags and wear dresses or pants with short lab coats. The nursing staff is thee to carry out the physi-cians’’ orders, monitor your status, and assist you if you are unable to get out of bed.

If you are mobile you will be able to do many things for yourself. If you have asked the nurse for something and they have not responded within 15 minutes, ring and ask again. There are a limited number of nurses for the number of patients, and they may be involved in something else, or they may need to first speak with a doctor. The nursing training is slightly different from ours and often the nurse may not be allowed to do some things we would expect, such as put in an IV or give IV medi-cines. As in our system, the nurses are not allowed to give you medical information (i.e. test or lab results); your stationarzt will give you this information. Questions about your results or care plan should be directed to your stationarzt. If you are un-certain whether you understand the nurses or if they understand you, ask for a Pa-tient Liaison to assist with clarification.

Visiting Hours
The Klinikum St. Marien Amberg is an ?open house. That means there are no spe-cific rules for visiting hours. However, visits are not allowed during nighttime hours. The hospital asks that all visitors leave not later than 8:00 p.m. Besides, visitors are required to leave the hospital room upon request by the doctor or nursing staff or during any treatment or care procedures. Patients with communicable diseases may not receive visitors. The same applies to visitors who are suffering from a communi-cable disease.

Overnight Stay
Spouses may not stay in the patient’s room overnight; however, the Pediatric Clinic allows 1 parent to stay with the child on ward B9 if space is available. You must stay there 24 hours a day and cannot leave the ward without the staff’s approval; other-wise your mother/child room will be taken away. For the accompanying parent, meals will be provided.

Use You can use any telephone to make outgoing phone calls without going through the hospital operator. The instruction booklet in the rooms indicates the costs for the use of the in-house telephone system. After you receive your smart chip at the admis-sions desk, you can pay the deposit for the card at the automated pay station and load the desired amount on your smart card chip. A minimum of € 20 is needed; € 10 is a deposit for the card (and will be refunded), € 1 will auto-matically be deducted for use of the phone each day and 10 cents will be deducted for each unit used when making outgoing calls. Your phone number on the smart card will be: 01805-9621-38-XXXX. This is the number where your family can reach you. If your smart card account is empty, your phone will be shut off. You will also not be able to receive incoming calls because the basic daily fee cannot be de-ducted from your account.

On the day you are discharged from the hospital, you can return your card at the automated pay station. Any money still left in your account will be returned, as well as the smart card deposit.

If you wish to call the States, dial the AT&T operator at 0800.225.5288 and ask to make a collect call. If you have any further concerns, you can contact the informa-tion desk within the hospital at 1500.

Religious Services
The chapel is on the ground floor of Building A. The chapel is open during the day for prayer and meditation. You can attend the services for your hospital bed via in-house television (channel 12) or radio (channel 68). Confessions are offered in the sacristy 1700-1800 Saturday, or scheduled upon request. Communion for patients is after every Sunday service or upon request. Services in the hospital chapel:
Monday - Friday 1830
Saturday 1830
Sunday 0915
Sunday 0800

Every first Sunday per month has communion In addition to pastoral care from the 2 major religions, there is also a staff member available in the psychosocial office. If you would like to schedule a session, simply let the staff in your unit know or call the information desk (Tel. 1500).

Smoking Policy
Smoking is prohibited in all buildings, with the exception of the cafeteria and the atrium. For safety, open flames (i.e. candles) are not allowed in the rooms.

Television Use
Televisions are provided in each room, free of charge. To watch TV or listen to the radio, you either need to bring a head phone or purchase one at the gift shop for € 1. Electronics need to be turned off by 2200 to allow patients to get their rest.

You can put your outgoing mail into the mailbox in the entry hall, which is emptied every business day, or give it to one of the nurse to be mailed. If you are expecting an answer to your letter, please do not forget to indicate your unit and room number. The mail address of the hospital is:
PO Box 2153

You will be served three meals a day, with mineral water and fruit or natural teas available on the ward to drink upon request. If you do not like the mineral water and plain bottled still water is not available, have someone bring water in to you. Assum-ing you are not on a special diet, you can buy sodas, juices and food at the store and café or have them brought in to you. Each morning you will be given meal cards to complete for meals the next day unless you have been placed on a special diet. Please do not eat anything except what is provided if you have been placed on a special diet, until you have discussed it with your doctor. Approximate meals times:
Breakfast (Fruhstuck) 0730-0830
Lunch (Mittagessen) 1130-1230
Dinner (Abedbrot) 1630-1730
The cafeteria is open daily from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Dreamhair is in the entry hall near the main entrance. The hair salon is available for visitors. It is open 0900-1700 Monday-Friday. To call for an appointment within the hospital, dial 38.1496.

Driving Directions

1. From Vilseck post, head south on St2120 towards Amberg. Take this road for approximately 15 miles.

2. At the t-intersection, take a right on St299/Bayreuther Strasse.

3. After the Rewe on your right, take a left to stay on St299/Bayreuther Strasse.

4. Take a left after the Peter Stadler Honda dealer onto Pfalzgrafenring (which turns into Kaiser-Ludwig-Ring).

4. Turn left onto Mariahilfbergweg.

5. Continue straight through the round-a-bout and you will see the hospital on your left-hand side.