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This healthcare treatment facility has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission, a nationally recognized healthcare accreditation organization. Click the Gold Seal to see The Joint Commission's Quality Report for Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and its outlying health clinics in Germany, Belgium and Italy.

The Joint Commission

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, This Army Health Clinic (U.S. Army Medical Department Activity-Bavaria), in coordination with the Military Health System, is voluntarily making several quality and safety measures public. For U.S. civilian healthcare systems, participation is voluntary. Therefore you might not be able to find the same measures published by some state-side facilities.

Patient Satisfaction
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Frequently Asked Questions

Records/Birth Certificate Copies
Changing Healthcare Providers
Employment at USAHC-V
Obstetrics and Delivery
Referrals (TRICARE NETWORK, Other MTFs, In-House Specialties)
Compliments & Complaints
Patient Liaison Services
Behavioral Health
Radiology (X-rays)
Contacting my care team

Records TOP

When and how will my records from a network provider be placed in my electronic military medical records?

Necessary documentation from off post care at San Bortolo will be translated and transferred into your medical records. Only necessary information will be translated and transferred. This process may take up to 3 weeks. Images for radiology services at other facilities can be hand carried to USAHC-V and are uploaded to the electronic medical records which can be accessed at any European MTF. Most radiological exams require translation from Italian to English which is done at San Bortolo and processing can take 8-12 weeks. Before making follow-up appointments, patients need to check with the Patient Administration Department (PAD) to determine if translation has been completed and received. You can contact PAD directly at DSN: 636-9050; Commercial: 0444-61-9050

How can I obtain a copy of my medical records? Medical records are now electronic and available already at your gaining station. Copies of medical records are provided to those currently stationed at this duty station. Normal processing time is 30 working days or less. To request records from USAHC-V/LRMC Medical Records Office, please download and complete DD Form 2870 which can be found at

For those who are no longer stationed here, please contact your nearest Military Treatment Facility (MTF) to request a local copy of your medical records. All records are electronic and are available world-wide for your convenience. Each facility will use the same DD Form 2870.

For more information on locating your medical records, please call USAHC-VOutpatient Records Room at DSN 636-9050 or Commercial from the U.S. +39 0444-61-9050.

Non-Service Treatment records are retired to at the National Personnel Records Center.
For assistance in obtaining retired records, go to for an explanation of where your outpatient medical records are located and how to obtain a copy.

If you are within three years of being treated as an inpatient at a MTF, information on your Inpatient Medical Records can be obtained from the MTF you were admitted to. They can provide you copies of your inpatient medical records. For LRMC patients, call DSN 314-590-5203 or Commercial 011-49-6371-9464-5203.

After three years, inpatient medical records are no longer kept at LRMC. They are retired to the National Personnel Records Center. To request assistance in obtaining inpatient hospital records, go to Under "Clinical Records Holdings" are instructions for requesting your inpatient military medical records while on active duty.

Below are instructions for the three options for making a request to the LRMC Inpatient Medical Records Office. Please include email address with "ALL" request, the records will be sent to your email address in a PDF format with password protected. Also a separate email with the password will be sent to you to access your records.

1. Send an encrypted e-mail with a completed DD Form 2870 and a MEDCOM Form 756 (both forms can be found at the below web links): Form 2870.pdf

2. Along with both forms send a copy (front and back) of the requestor's ID (it can't be a DOD ID Card) to:

3. Mail a completed DD Form 2870 and a copy (front and back) of the requestor's ID (it can't be a DOD ID Card) to:

(For APO mailing address)

CMR 402
APO AE 09180-0402

(For German mailing address)

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
U.S. Hospital
66849 Landstuhl/Kirchberg

Upon receipt, we will send via e-mail the acknowledgement and begin the processing. Normal processing at this time is 30 working days.

Birth Certificate Copies TOP

How do I get my birth certificate?

The USAHC-V and LRMC do not issue birth certificates. U.S. Citizens born abroad fall under the State Department, even if born on a military installation. Below is a link to the State Department for more information on obtaining a record of live birth/birth certificate for those born overseas.

Your Regional Personnel Center can assist, collect, verify and forward all requests to the American Consulate.

Changing Healthcare Providers TOP

Can I change my healthcare provider?

Yes, you can change your healthcare provider at the TRICARE enrollments office located on the ground floor of the medical center.

Employment at USAHC-V TOP

How can I find a Civilian Medical Job?

For employment information at USAHC-V please visit USAJOBS at

Obstetrics & Delivery TOP

What can I expect when expecting in Italy?

Please refer to the PDF What to Expect When Expecting in Vicenza PDF Version.

Since, 2014 the USAHC-V has no longer served as a birthing center and does not provide prenatal or obstetrical care. Pregnancy testing is done on a walk-in basis for already enrolled patients at the Primary Care Clinic. Once a positive pregnancy is confirmed, the patient will attend an orientation and be referred Prenatal Care and delivery at San Bortolo Hospital. Maternal Health Education classes are provided through USAHC- V Preventive Medicine Department and the ACS New Parent Support Program.

For more information on the classes offered at the USAHC-V contact the Maternal Health Educator. DSN 636-9190; Commercial 0444-61-9190. For more information on the classes offered at ACS contact the New Parent Support Program. DSN 634-7567; Commercial 0444-71-6020.

What should I bring with me to the hospital?

Italian hospitals function slightly differently than U.S. hospitals and may not offer all the additional comfort items we assume will be provided. We recommend that you stop by the American Red Cross at the end of your pregnancy to pick up a Maternal Health Kit which contain a hospital gown, cold compress, baby blanket and other essentials. The American Red Cross is located next to the USAHC-V and across from the Fitness center, in building 333. Additionally, we recommend you bring all the items you will need for your comfort and for your newborn, including tooth brush, tooth paste, extra sheets, a favorite blanket, bath robes, slippers, cell phone charger, magazines, shampoos, conditioner, soaps, hard candy, lotions, nursing pads, supportive bras, car seat, newborn diapers, swaddle blankets, baby hat, baby socks, baby onesies, clothes for mom and baby to go home.

Please make arrangements for transportation to the hospital and care of other children before your due date.

How do I enroll my newborn?

Sponsors are given 6 weeks to enroll their child into TRICARE. Care for ongoing well visits, immunizations, and care may be delayed if not enrolled within this time frame. Take a birth certificate to DEERs, bring forms to TRICARE enrollment at the USAHC-V and they will assign a PCM for the infant.

Referrals TOP

TRICARE Beneficiaries may be referred by their PCM to a TRICARE network provider, another MTF, or an in-house specialty service. The PCM will submit a referral request for these services.

For TRICARE network referrals: after the PCM places a referral (same day) the patient needs to go to the TRICARE Referral Center to complete required forms (their office is temporarily closed Tues & Thurs after 12 p.m.- and all day on 3rd Thurs of the month)

An appointment may not be booked on this day; however, once the TRICARE Overseas Contractor receives the referral request, they will contact the patient to establish a location, date and time of the appointment (this may take up to 10 work days for a response). Patient should take all pertinent medical records, notes, labs, x-rays, tests to the visit.

For referrals to another MTF: 72 hrs after the PCM places the referral the patient will need to call that facility to schedule an appointment.

* LRMC, call DSN 486-8106 or Commercial 49-6371-9464-576 (if going to LRMC the patient may utilize the MedEvac department to help coordinate transportation, see the Patient Administration/Medical Records Desk for assistance).

* Aviano, call DSN 632-5000 or Commercial 39-0434-30-5000.

For referrals to an in-house specialty service: the patient simply needs to go to that service desk and book the appointment.

Length of time for return of referral results may vary.

Compliments & Complaints TOP

How can I file a compliment or complaint?

Compliments and complaints within the USAHC-V can be filed through the ICE customer feedback service online or through the paper forms located throughout the clinic. The Patient Advocate will be notified automatically of any comments left on the ICE website. Patients can also see the Patient Advocate located in Room 1C11 from 0800 to 1630, or call 636-9508(comm. 0444-61-9508). If patients feel that they need to speak to the Commander, they are advised to first see the patient advocate who can schedule an appointment with the Commander's secretary if the concern is not resolved. This is done in an effort to avoid any interruption during the meeting and to dedicate time to their concern.

Complaints and feedback for TRICARE Network services can be filed by anyone, including a patient, family member, unit member, support staff or a provider by email to

You can also submit your grievance by phone +44-20-8762-8384 option #1 or option #4.

Remember to include contact information, including the beneficiary’s name, address and telephone number, the individual or institutional provider’s contact information, the beneficiary’s date of birth and a full description of the issue or concern including date and times of the event(s).

Patient Liaison TOP

What does the Patient Liaison Service do?

We provide translation services, coordination of care, and medical oversight for your use of San Bortolo Hospital.

How do I get in contact with the Patient Liaison Service?

Our information booth is located in the main lobby of the San Bortolo Hospital. If you have an appointment to use any of the San Bortolo hospital's services, please check in at our office. We are here to assist you in obtaining your healthcare at the Italian hospital.

You can also reach us by phone: 0444-75-3300

What happens after I use the hospital diagnostic facilities or am discharged from the hospital?

Your lab or testing results will be translated from Italian into English by our native language translators. The results will be placed in your electronic medical record. Our hospitalist physician will coordinate your discharge care by speaking with your primary care physician.

Pharmacy and Medications TOP

What is the difference between a prescription refill and a prescription renewal?

A prescription REFILL refers to the refills remaining on a prescription that has already been filled at a pharmacy under the same prescription (Rx) number. For example your bottle may say "REF LEFT: 2 of 3" means that the prescription can be refilled 2 more times, out of a total of 3 refills. To refill a prescription you can go to , request a refill through the automated pharmacy line DSN: 636-9133; Comm: 0444-61-9133 (Select Landstuhl - 1, Vicenza- 3, Refill - 1), or complete the medication request slip located in the pharmacy waiting area. Medications called in using the refill automated system are typically available for pick up the next working day after 1000 hours. The pharmacy will hold the prescription for up to 10 calendar days from the day it was called in. Prescription RENEWALS refers to a new prescription that was put in by your provider for a medication that you have already taken, but had to be renewed because you either ran out of refills, it expired or there was a change to the prescription. Prescription renewals cannot be called in using the automated refill system (online or phone) because they are tied to a new prescription number. Prescription renewals can be obtained by contacting your provider through or by phone through our information line to request a renewal. Allow 3 working days for prescription renewals. Once a prescription renewal has been put in by a provider you can pick up the medication at the pharmacy by grabbing a "New Rx/Renewal" ticket or by utilizing the Drop Box system for later pickup with expedited service.

I just got a prescription from my Italian physician. Can I get it filled at the Vicenza Health Clinic Pharmacy?

We can only honor local national prescriptions if they meet all federal & FDA regulations and have all elements required of a prescription. If you prefer to have your Italian prescription filled at the Vicenza Health Clinic Pharmacy, you may have to make an appointment with one of the clinic providers who will enter the prescription into our database. Although the exact equivalent is not always available, in many cases your provider can substitute with an equivalent FDA approved product.

Does your facility have self-care medications that I can get without a doctor's visit or prescription?

Yes; the pharmacy is able to treat a wide variety of ailments without you having to see a provider. Note that not all Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications are part of the Self-Care Program. In order to receive medication form the Self-Care Program, simply fill out a 'Self-Care Request Form' located in the pharmacy lobby and grab a ticket from the QFlow kiosk. The Self-Care Program contains medications that help treat allergies, fever, itching, chapped lips, minor aches/pains, cough, colds, warts, heartburn, gas relief, lanolin cream, constipation/diarrhea, prenatal vitamins, Plan B (restrictions apply), dehydration (pedialyte). Not all Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications are part of the Self-Care Program.

Billing TOP

Who do I contact if I have a billing question or dispute?

USAHC-V does not have a billing office. All billing is managed by the Uniform Business Office at LRMC.

Please direct all billing inquiries directly to the LRMC office at Uniform Business Office (UBO)
Regional Health Medical Command Europe (RHCE) G8
DSN: (314) 590-7400 or (314)590-2177
Comm: 011-49-6371-9464-7400 or 011-49-6371-9464-2177
Fax: (314) 486-7067

Behavioral Health TOP

Will seeking BH care affect my career, or put a "flag" on my record?

A: For Service Members, coming to BH does not "flag" you or affect your military record. Treatment is confidential and there are very limited circumstances in which we communicate with Command. These circumstances include concerns about suicide, your safety, or risk of violent behavior to others, and cases of child or elder abuse or domestic violence. Additionally, if your symptoms or treatment needs affect your ability to perform you job duties or deploy, then we discuss this with you and Command as needed. You would receive a profile in these cases, similar to what happens if your medical health affects your job or deployability. It is important to remember that if you are experiencing problems, it is best to get help and resolve these matters before they get out of control. Unaddressed problems are what could affect your career, not the fact that you sought help for them!

For family members, the answer is similar, you are not "flagged" for coming in and of course you don't have Commanders or duty limitations as Service Members do. However, if your symptoms or treatment needs require a level of care beyond what can be provided here in Italy, you may be referred to the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) which could affect your spouse's current or future assignments. Options such as Compassionate Reassignment or Early Return of Dependents may be considered, but these decisions are made in consultation with the family members, Commanders, and treating providers and the health and welfare of your family should be the priority!

Radiology (X-rays) TOP

Do I need an appointment for X-rays?

No, X-rays are walk in procedures. However, it is required to set up appointments for all other procedures.

How can I request X-rays that were shot at another facility to be sent to the U.S. Army Health Clinic, Vicenza?

Procedures performed by a civilian network provider are automatically sent to our facility for filing. Procedures completed stateside need to be requested by radiology personnel via mail. The requester needs to be a military ID card holder.

How long does it take to get results, and how do I get them?

Most procedures take 48 hours to be interpreted by a radiologist in Landstuhl. The results can be accessed and explained to you by your provider.

Readiness TOP

How far in advance of deployment can I complete my PDP?

30 Days.

How soon after I return from a deployment should I come to the Readiness Section for my post deployment processing?

Within two weeks after returning.

How long does it take to complete a physical?

The process takes about three weeks.

Why do Ihave to fast for at least 12 hours prior to conducting physical laboratory tests?

Food and liquids may affect the test result.

Will MEDPROS update my AKO Medical Readiness status?

Yes. It takes about 72 hours to update the information.

Enrollment TOP

Your first stop for inprocessing must be to DEERs/ID Card office in the 2 story building by the Ederle Inn.

Health Center Enrollment

TRICARE: Sponsor will need to go to the TRICARE office (after DEERS) in the Medical Center to transfer the family to this duty station (EURAFRICA Region). Also enroll for TRICARE Online at (enroll under AHZ-Vicenza)

NON-TRICARE: Enroll at the USAHC-Vicenza Patient Administration Department (PAD) (after DEERS). Bring your DoD ID Card and insurance information with you. Remember that registration does not guarantee care will always be available when you call for an appointment

How do I contact my healthcare providers? TOP

Secure Messaging:

By Phone: 0444-61-9000; DSN 636-9000

Dental TOP

The Dental Command is not part of the Health Clinic though they are housed within the same Medical Center. The Vicenza Dental Clinic hours are 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. M-W, F; Thursdays they are open from 12:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Sick call and Active Duty Exams are 8:30-10:30 a.m. M-W, F and 12:30 – 2:30 on Thursdays.

Please call their front desk at 0444-61-9210; DSN 636-9210 to confirm times and appointments.

Note: Children not being seen for care are NOT ALLOWED during patient dental exams – please arrange childcare in advance of your appointment

For after-hours emergency dental care call: MP Desk at 0444-71-7626; DSN 634-7626

Notice of Privacy Practices
Army Wellness Center
Dental Emergency
EDIS (Educational and Developmental Intervention Services)
Hearing Screens
Host Nation Providers
Nutrition Services
Occupational Health
Orthopedic services
Patient Administration and Records
Patient Advocate
Patient Liaison Services
Physical Therapy
Preventive Medicine
Primary Care Clinic
Social Work Services and Behavioral Health
Soldier Medical Readiness
Traumatic Brain Injury
USARAF Travel Clinic


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