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Patient Satisfaction Information

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Patient Satisfaction

The Joint Outpatient Experience Survey is mailed to patients randomly by an external service after an appointment. Not every patient or every visit will generate a survey. The JOES survey has a varying number of questions regarding the recent visit of that patient. If you do receive a survey it is important to return your surveys by mail or use the information sent to complete the survey online. The surveys are time sensitive and must be returned promptly.

Service Survey—Satisfaction with Seeing a Provider When Needed Seeing your provider when you need to is important to you – and to us. We want to ensure that you get the care you need when you need it. This measure lets us know if you think we responded appropriately to your appointment request.

Patient’s Overall Satisfaction with Healthcare How patients rate their overall satisfaction with healthcare is important to us. We use the information to determine which factors most affect the overall satisfaction level of our patients. While one visit may have many factors which influence aspects of care, the overall feeling of satisfaction tell us which areas have the biggest impact on patients’ perception of healthcare.