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Pharmacy Rates

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  • The pharmacy rate schedule incorporates the TRICARE Management Activity’s (TMA’s) methodology of setting charges for pharmaceuticals at the same level TRICARE would reimburse similar drugs under its retail pharmacy program.
  • Rates remain in keeping with regulatory requirements that the DoD Military Health System (MHS) "bill a reasonable charge" for pharmaceuticals.
  • As a part of the pricing change, TMA continues to add a $2.00 dispensing fee.
  • To assist you in determining your pharmaceutical costs, Military Health System (MHS), Uniform Business Office has developed a Pharmacy Pricing Estimator Tool (PPET). Access the MHS UBO Rates web page. Scroll down to the 'Pharmacy Rates' section, select the appropriate file, and click the 'Download' button.
  • The Military Health System (MHS) may not always be the lowest cost option available. We encourage you to conduct a price comparison with other sources of pharmaceuticals to ensure you receive the best available price.
  • An on-line word search of "pharmacy pricing" identifies a number of options.