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DSN (HOTLINE – 314-590-8888)
Com. 49 (0) 6371-9464-8888
Email: usarmy.sembach.medcom-rhc-e.list.ig@mail.mil
Operating hours - Weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Street address: Building 231, Sembach Kaserne; Sembach, Germany
Mailing address: Commander, Regional Health Command Europe, ATTN: Inspector General, Unit 29421, APO AE 09136-9421

To complain without fear of reprisal is the right of any Soldier, Civilian, or Family Member seeking IG assistance. Problem solving is one of the IG's primary missions. Before you report it to your Inspector General...
  • Be sure you have a problem, not just a peeve. (Are the cooks turning out lousy chow or was it just one bad meal).

  • Give your chain of command a chance to solve the problem. (Many problems must be addressed to the chain of command for resolution anyway).

  • If IG assistance is needed, contact your local IG first. (IG's at higher commands will normally refer the case to the local IG for action).

  • Be honest and don't provide misleading information. (IG's will discover the truth quickly in most cases and there are penalties for knowingly providing false information).

  • Keep in mind that IGs are not policy makers. (IGs state policy, we do not interpret. If you need interpretation, contact JAG).

  • Remember IG's can only resolve a case on the basis of fact. (Your claim that a supervisor has violated the rules doesn't make it fact. A claim must be supported with evidence).

  • Don't expect instant action on your request. Be patient. (Investigations take time, and IG's tend to have heavy workloads).

  • Be prepared to take "No" for the answer. (In any case, 'Yes" or "No," the IG will explain why).

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