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DSN:  314-590-2179/2016
Coml:  0049-(0)6371-9464-2089/2091
*Note:  When calling from outside Germany, drop the (0)


The Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Plans, Operations, Training, and Security of the Regional Health Command Europe has been merged with the Plans and Operations Division of the Office of the USAREUR Command Surgeon (OCSURG).  This consolidated office is concerned with health service support matters throughout the 89 countries of the Command.  Plans for and monitors the provision of health service support and sustainment of daily operations during deployment of forces to include all aspects of medical readiness for the command.


  • Provides support to the primary staff of USAREUR and RHCE as functional advisor for medical operations and plans; medical force structure development; review and validation of medical annexes of command operations/contingency plans to include community Emergency Preparedness Plans, and also medical unit participation and health service support for international operations and exercises.
  • Provides command interface with the Office of The Surgeon General, U.S. Army Medical Command, and other appropriate organizations and agencies for all aspects of health service support strategy and policy, and is also responsible for coordination with allied nations on compatibility and feasibility of bi/multinational contingency operations plans.
  • Establishes command security policy and evaluates compliance by subordinate commands with appropriate policies, standards, and regulations.
  • Manages the medical reserve affairs for USAREUR and the RHCE.


Plans and Future Operations Section:

  • Serves as the principal medical advisor for reserve affairs to the ACofS Operations of Regional Health Command Europe and the Chief of Plans and Operations, USAREUR Office of the Command Surgeon.
  • Coordinates and monitors policies and programs of USAR medical units and activities within RHCE and USAREUR.
  • Provides a member to the USAREUR "battle staff" for all medical plans and operations.
  • Gathers medical intelligence information in support medical plans and current operations as required.
  • Develops medical policy, plans and annexes in support of operations.
  • Serves as a primary point of contact for USAREUR crisis action team medical issues.

Reserve Affairs:

  • Serves as principal operations/action officer on matters involving pre-mobilization activities, deployment, and redeployment of reserve medical units supporting RHCE operations.
  • Develops command policy and guidelines for reserve medical personnel and units performing Overseas Deployment Training (ODT).
  • Coordinates and monitors USAR medical units and individual ODT participation between USAR/ARNG medical commands and RHCE, DENCOM - Europe, Public Health Command Europe, and USAMMCE.
  • Monitors all medical USAR administrative and training for Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) personnel assigned to the command.
  • Conducts staff assistance visits to subordinate units.

Current Operations:

  • Coordinates all current medical requirements and operations for contingency operations throughout the region.
  • Gathers medical information and intelligence in support of current operations and disseminates, as required.
  • Coordinates medical support and requirements for deployed forces.
  • Monitors all internal and external current operations taskings.
  • Works closely with higher, lateral, subordinate and deployed elements to improve health care access and quality for all forces.

RHCE Operations/Security:

  • Oversees the Information, Physical, and Personnel Security Programs.
  • Electronic Personnel Security Questionaire - EPSQ (contact G6 for installation on your computer, if needed)
  • Monitors and disseminates guidance concerning preparation of Unit Status Report (USR).
  • Monitors readiness testing and training systems to include Army Physical Readiness Training (APRT), Marksmanship, Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC), Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC), Advance Non-Commissioned Officer Course (ANCOC), Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB), Common Task Testing (CTT), field training, and deployment training and readiness.
  • Monitors the overall NBC readiness posture for RHCE.
  • Coordinates medical support and requirements for major community events and exercises.
  • Monitors all internal and external taskings.
  • Establishes and manages the Emergency Operation Center.
  • Conducts staff assistance visits to subordinate units.

Strategy, Policy, and International Affairs:

  • Develops, coordinates and staffs the Medical Strategy and Policy plan for USAREUR to ensure compatibility with the medical execution of the Theater Engagement Plan.
  • Coordinates through the Chief of Plans and Operations with allies on compatibility and feasibility of multinational contingency plans and operations.
  • Coordinates for international health service support (Host Nation, Allied, Coalition, or other nation or organization) relative to command contingency plans.
  • Serves as primary advisor to the Chief of Plans and Operations on all issues relative to international operations and application of international agreements, arrangements, contracts, etc.
  • Works closely with international medical agencies to improve both peacetime and deployment capabilities.
  • Develops and negotiates medical Mutual Support Agreements, Implementing Arrangements, Ordering Documents, and other acquisition Arrangements to include coordination for initiation of medical related Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement for bi/multi-national operations.
  • When requested, represents the Chief of Plans and Operations at international meetings, conferences, and forums, relative to international medical operations, functions, policies, and or plans.

Force Management:

  • Plans, develops, organizes, and evaluates structure to meet Army requirements for this theater.
  • Develops force structure consistent with USAREUR mission demands, within authorized level of structure, and USAREUR end strength caps.
  • Develops medical input to the USAREUR command plan.
  • Evaluates impact of TOE changes to organizations, doctrine, structure, and equipment and compile recommendations.
  • Monitors and evaluates medical unit status reports.
  • Represents the Chief of Plans and Operations at conferences, panels, and special studies.
  • Coordinates Force Structure issues with higher, lower, and lateral headquarters.
  • Conducts staff assistance visits to subordinate units.

Training and Exercises:

  • Serves as allocation manager for all 7th Combined Army Training Center courses and Army Training and Resource Requirements Systems (ATRRS) Manager primarily responsible for resident and non-resident military courses.
  • Maintains oversight management of NCOES, OES, and professional development schools.
  • Maintains the training databases and Order of Merit list (OML) for attendance at the command PLDC and other applicable schools.
  • Serves as project manager for the command Expert Field Medical Badge training and testing.
  • Establishes policy and monitors compliance with these policies and procedures governing training for PROFIS, APFT, NCOES, PLDC and etc.
  • Serves as Class V ammunition account manager.
  • Develops Long Range, Near Term and Short-Term Training calendar.
  • Publishes quarterly and annual Training guidance and Training Philosophy and coordinates monthly and quarterly training meetings for the RHCE and subordinate commands primary and subordinate staffs.
  • Serves as topographical map account manager.
  • Conducts staff assistance visits to subordinate units.


  • Develops plans and training goals for all medical chemical casualty exercises.
  • Ensures compliance to guidance for NBC readiness to include decontamination of casualties for the European Theater.
  • Monitors the overall medical NBC readiness posture for USAREUR and RHCE.
  • Conducts staff assistance visits to subordinate units.