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Command Judge Advocate

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Command Judge Advocate... DSN: 314.590.2145

Deputy CJA, Health Care Law Attorney... DSN: 314.590.2132

Fiscal and Labor Law... DSN: 314.590.2141

Ethics and Administrative Law... DSN: 314.590.2131

Senior Paralegal, NCOIC... DSN: 314.590.2139

Administrative Assistant... DSN: 314.590.2099/2141

Coml: 0049.(0)6371-9464-xxxx

Fax DSN: 314.496.8807
Fax Coml: 0049.(0)6302-67-8807

Note: When calling from outside Germany, drop the (0)


  • Advises the RHCE Commander and subordinate RHCE/Military Treatment Facility (MTF) staff on medico-legal and healthcare related issues.
  • Drafts RHCE specific AR 15-6 appointments and provides subsequent legal review for substantive accuracy and sufficiency.
  • Provides review of RHCE Congressional and Presidential inquiries for substantive sufficiency.
  • Provides legal review of RHCE and MTF health care related policy letters and other guidance.
  • Member of the MTF(s) Ethics Committees and the Institutional Animal Use Committee (IACUC).
  • Provides advice and guidance to Dental and Veterinarian commanders on as "as-needed" basis.
  • Serves as the RHCE Ethics Counselor.
  • Responsible for identification, collection and review of RHCE specific SF 278 Public Financial Disclosure Reports and OGE 450 Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports and provides applicable training.
  • Provides legal advice on gift questions under the Joint Ethics Regulation and acceptance of travel and travel related expenses proffered to RHCE personnel under Title 31 USC Section 1353.
  • Provides post-Government employment counseling to ETSing and retiring RHCE and MTF personnel.
  • Supervises the Medical Claims Judge Advocate who ensures that Military Claims Act administrative claims are promptly adjudicated and fairly settled.
  • Drafts AR 40-68 QA inquiries specifications and performs subsequent legal review for thoroughness and legal sufficiency.
  • Serves on the MTF(s) credentials committee and Risk Management committee.
  • Provides sufficiency review on QA correspondence and other QA documents.
  • Provides advice and guidance on Title 10 USC Section 1102 issues, questions concerning patient confidentiality and the release of patient medical records.